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The mandatory castle pic...and my bad photography as the kids had sun in their eyes!

The mandatory castle pic…and my bad photography as the kids had sun in their eyes!

Having just got back from Orlando and a 5-day stint at Disney World I am a little sluggish this week.   Missing my lazy poolside mornings, afternoon Sangria and all that gorgeous sunshine!

Oddly enough, I learned an important business lesson while I was hanging out with the Mick-ster and his pals.  It’s dead simple – but it’s something I can apply to my own business immediately and you can too:

Give your customers an excellent experience from start to finish.

Catch my drift?

At Disney you are greeted with an oh-so-chipper smile from the parking attendants.  The gardener stops his watering to draw an incredible likeness of Mickey Mouse on the pavement using only a garden hose.   Every garbage can is no more than 30 steps apart – and if it’s your birthday?  Get ready:  Every employee will wish you a happy one!  

The point is – Disney goes out of it’s way to make sure that you are getting an excellent customer service experience.  Their staff is highly trained, the park looks impeccable and no detail is missed. From the moment you arrive on the property until the last firework embers fade and you are (tiredly) leaving the park.  Every need is anticipated and catered too.  

And guess what?  People are willing to pay for that.

Without a doubt, you – or someone you know – has forked out a small fortune to visit Disney.

The good news is, you can use the ‘Disney Mentality’ to attract clients to your Virtual Assistant biz – AND – to ensure they are willing to pay a handsome fee for working with you.

Think about how you can offer your own customers the perfect experience from start to finish.  From your initial consultations to your welcome package, daily communications and routines – channel your inner Walt Disney to think up creative ways you can work those ‘surprises’, details and special touches into your own practice.

Don’t run your business like a small town fair with (scary) carnies operating the rides and cigarette butts littering the ground.  Run your business like Walt would.  An excellent customer experience will ensure better clients who are willing to pay more for your high-level of service.


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