Your Clients are Dating You

Your Clients are Dating You

Here we are (ALREADY!?!) in the month of loooovvvve.  It’s only appropriate that we take a moment to remind ourselves that…whelpwe are dating our future Virtual Assistant clients. I’m not talking about dinner and a movie, exactly.  But the way we date ‘potential mates’ is somewhat similar to the way we date ‘potential clients’.

When business owners go looking for the perfect Virtual Assistant – yes, they will take into consideration your skills and experience.  But the REAL deciding factor on whether or not they will hire you (or even call you for a consultation) is:  Do they like you.  

Seriously…it’s that simple.  You may have more talent and knowledge than anyone else in the VA world…but if you come across as a totally unlikeable bee-atch…then you aint gettin’ hired by anyone.

Potential clients may lurk on your social media pages, website and email list for weeks or months before they decide whether or not to ‘hook up’ with you.  What are they looking for? A lot of the same things you would look for in a first date:

  • Someone with a positive attitude
  • A person who is confident in themselves
  • Someone who is interesting and intelligent
  • The ‘Real Deal’, zero fakeness, someone who is really authentic
  • A feeling that they can trust you
  • A person who is easy to talk to and communicate with
  • Those unique qualities that make you, YOU.  How you stand out from others

You can accomplish this (and score your next big client!) by being honest, sharing some personal facts about yourself, using your real photo and always, ALWAYS being yourself.  By being YOU…you will always attract the perfect client FOR YOU.

Also remember that your FIRST ‘date’ (with a new client) might not necessarily lead to you becoming partners.  Some clients will want to ‘date’ you multiple times before they decide to work with you.  It’s all good. In the end…as long as you can get prospects to “know, like and trust” you…you will end up becoming a very busy Virtual Assistant.



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