Your 2015 Bucket List

Bucket List 2015

I am a plan-o-holic.

I like lists.
And goals.
And I get giddy about New Years Resolutions.

So it was with great pleasure and excitement that I sat down to write my 2015 Bucket List: One Hundred things I wanted to see and do and feel and experience in 2015.

There are business-y things on the list alongside personal things.  I look forward to my list every year…and all the great things that will be on it!

  • Zip-lining…that was going on the list.
  • A family vacation next winter.
  • To finish the amazing products I have started for Virtual Assistants and get them up on my website.
  • To spend more time with friends.

By about item number 20…it was starting to feel more like work.  More like a totally overwhelming ‘To-Do’ list. I realized that some of the items were the same items I wrote last year – but didn’t accomplish.  I could feel stress starting to settle between my shoulder blades.  I kept going:

  • Organize the house.  
  • Take more pictures.  
  • Build a hall closet.  
  • Get a better wardrobe.
  • Write that dang book already.

Honestly…the wondrous bucket list suddenly felt like an exercise in finding failures.  Like writing out reminders of all the crap I’ve been meaning to do FOREVER and never get around to.  Yucky.

I stopped.  I sighed.  I told my daughter what was frustrating me.  My daughter (who if truth-be-known is a far cry brainier than me) said:

“Instead of writing out a bucket list of things to do in the future…why don’t you write out a bucket list of things you’ve already done”.

And just like that, my New Year’s Bucket list exercise became awesome again.  It became a reminder of what an amazing life I’ve had (and have). We spent hours picking out and writing down the fun, hilarious and memorable things that have made my life so dang good.

I totally plan to add to the list this year (zip-lining…definitely the zip-lining!) and every year.  But next New Years will be more about reflecting and appreciating all the great things that happened rather than writing a to-do list for the future.

Wishing you EVERY success with your Virtual Assistance business this year…and all the pleasure, experiences, fun, joy and laughter that life has to offer in 2015.





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