Working in Pajamas

Operating a Virtual Assistance business is enticing on so many levels.  When I decided to ‘quit corporate’ and go solo with my own V.A. Practice, I longed for no more commute.  No more winter driving.  No more overpriced gas.  No more take-out dinners ‘cuz Mommy got home too late.  And yes – the thought of working in my pajamas was alluring.

I decided to give my credit card a well-deserved rest and stopped being the number one customer in the ‘business casual’ section of all women’s clothing stores.  I was going to work from home and I was going to work in my pajamas.

The first day was sweet.  I smirked at my black heels, made a coffee and sat down with my laptop in my super-comfy flannel P.J.’s.   Heaven.  Accomplished so much not having to waste time getting primped for work!  Thought I would be the female version of Hugh Heffner and spend the rest of my days working in silk robes and making millions!

The second day was OK.  But by 10:30 I was feeling a little gross.   Decided I missed getting dressed after all…   But -hey – I worked from home so it was my prerogative to get dressed at 10:30 if I wanted to!  I decided putting on yoga pants and baggy T-shirt would make me feel much better.  So I happily smirked at black heels, put on comfy clothes and got back to work.

The third day the doorbell rang.  Uh-oh.  I had every intention of hiding in my office all day in pajamas and had no intention of answering the door!  But after sneaking a peek through the window I realized it was UPS with the shopping order I’d been waiting for.  I simply had to race downstairs in bunny slippers and guiltily open the door in my flannels.  I know my image screamed “lazy, depressed, frumpy, unemployed”.   But I knew I was “hardworking entrepreneurial hot Mommy”.  Who cares what UPS man thinks?

After the courier incident I was a lot less productive.  I wasn’t feeling like a savvy Virtual Assistant. I was actually starting to feel a bit like that lazy, frumpy, and depressed woman.  I got dressed.  In real pants and my favourite shirt. Even put on lipstick and fixed up the hairstyle a bit.  (I’m pretty sure the black heels were smirking at me).  Almost instantly the business casual wardrobe was working!  Who knew that the simple act of putting on clothes could make me feel ready to take on the world once again!

That’s the way it goes down every day with me now.  I have to be dressed and primped to work – even from home.  Sure it’s great when I’m not feeling well to throw on the fuzzy slippers and hair scrunchy for a day – but those days are few and far between.  I definitely work better when I feel better – so lipstick and eyeliner it is!

But I do still work in socks.  Take that, black heels!


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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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