Why Wouldn’t You Start Today?

Guest Post by Michelle Dale – Virtual Miss Friday

Starting a VA business can be daunting… I remember 10 years ago like it was yesterday.

I’d just quit my job, put my house on the market and booked a one way ticket out of the UK to where I was going to start a new life. I had no idea what I was going to do to earn a living but I knew it wasn’t going to be the standard 9-5.

I stumbled upon virtual assistance when I was searching the Web on how I could make money online (being in Egypt at the time meant I had little choice other than to utilise the Internet)!

I found Virtual Assistance and the rest is history.

I spent hours and hours teaching myself how to get started and there was so much to consider when I knew my clients would be on the other side of the world – I made so many mistakes, but revelled in the triumphs. I had no idea that this humble line of work which I was hoping would fund my travel bug could turn into a multi-six-future empire which I started from a small 2 bed flat in Luxor with no experience (and no qualifications having left school at 16!)

My point is, whether you’re reading this now with an idea that you might like to become a VA or you’re already on your way – it’s SO worth it.

With an up to $30k a month VA service business, I now train and coach VAs alongside servicing clients and one of the most common questions I get from those getting started is about services – what should they offer, do they need any special qualifications, and what are the ‘most popular’ services to offer, etc…

The best advice I can give is to never base your services on what other people offer. Most successful virtual assistants will never offer a service based on what the VA next door is doing, they’ll offer their service based on what they love to do, and along with that passion of doing what you love, comes drive, determination and commitment to make it a success. Follow your talents, and the clients will follow you.

When you offer something you love to do as a service, there’s a special kind of unexplainable energy behind it that will push you forward no matter what, and with time, and a lot of care and attention, you can become one of the best you can be at that service because in a sense it’s not a job – it’s a choice… A choice of doing something you love to help someone else, whether you’d get paid for it or not.

The message here is that whatever you decide to do (if you want to achieve success and personal satisfaction), turn what you love to do into a virtual assistant business and start today!


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