Are You Scared to take Action in Your Business?

AfraidLast week I had the pleasure of visiting the Cannamore Orchard’s ‘Spooky Wagon Ride‘ for some Pre-Halloween shenanigans.   Between characters jumping out of the woods sporting hockey masks and waving chainsaws around to witches whizzing through the air on (barely visible) ropes and pulleys – I enjoyed my fair share of adrenaline.   My throat hurt from screaming.  But the ghosts and gore pale in comparison to the blood-chilling fear I get just thinking about the dreaded ‘Dark Maze

The Dark Maze, as you might guess, is a plywood maze constructed inside a barn that you must find your way through.  The catch?  It’s pitch black inside.  

I wanted to put on a brave face and show my 3 lovely daughters that we can do anything…we can find our way through a ‘dark maze’ and conquer our fears.  But on the inside I wanted to vomit.  The thought of going through an unlit maze sends my claustrophobic mind into overdrive.   I have visions of Chucky hiding inside, rats scuttling by and of course a fire is sure to break out while I’m lost inside.    But enter we did.  And after feeling our way through the darkness – bumping into walls – finding new openings and trying desperately to stay calm – we finally emerged safely on the other side.

That night I realized that entering a ‘dark maze’ is a lot like taking action in your business.  You can’t figure out how to get through the maze by standing outside of it and planning your route.  You have to jump in.   You have to face the bone-chilling terror that is gripping you and get your butt in there anyway.  Sure you will hit dead ends and make wrong turns and feel incredibly uncomfortable…but eventually you will succeed.

In our businesses we can plan ahead to our heart’s content…but we can never REALLY experience success until we jump in and face what scares us.  Don’t let worry and insecurity stop you from making BIG moves in your business.  Yes, you will hit walls.  Yes, you will make bad decisions and wrong turns.  But by taking action and doing what you fear most, you will eventually reach that light at the end of the tunnel and savor the sweet success.



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