What to Do When You Feel Uninspired

It happens to all Virtual Assistants.

It happens to me.  It will happen to you.

Some days running your own Virtual Assistance business will fill you with joy.  Some days your V.A. biz will give you an adrenaline buzz like nothing else. Some days…you will loathe your business too.  Those days you will wake up and want to delete your website, say ‘Sayonara’ to social media and become a hermit in the Himalayas.

So what’s the best thing to do when the icky “I’m sick of my business” feelings hit?

First, I am not a big fan of ‘pushing through’ the overwhelm.  That’s a sure-fire way to burn yourself out.  If you need a day of Netflix and pajama’s, I say “hell yeah”  take a mental health day. Of course, you have to keep on top of your client work and meet your promised deadlines, but part of the reason you became a Virtual Assistant in the first place was so you could control your own schedule.  If you need a day away from the online world, I say…take it!

When you wake up feeling uninspired…do something creative.  Maybe you can’t stomach the thought of doing your bookkeeping or learning that new technology, but playing around with your creative side can help you get out of a rut and feel more inspired about your business.  My girl crush, Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her (amazing) book, Big Magic:

“Don’t abandon your creativity the moment things stop being easy or rewarding because that is the moment when interesting begins”

Can you create some new images for social media posts?  Write one blog post?  Mindmap ideas?  Play around with some new graphics for your website?  Sometimes awesome things are created out of desperate feelings.  When work feels like…well, work,  you can still keep momentum in your business by pursuing something more creative.

Sometimes all it takes is a long walk in nature to recharge your batteries and get you excited about your business again.  I never get good ideas while I’m sitting at my computer trying to think of good ideas!  They come to me at the most bizarre times, often when I’m not thinking about work at all.  Science even backs this theory.  There are logical reasons why so many people claim to get their best ideas in the shower.  (You can read more about that HERE)

At the very least when ‘UN-inspiration‘ hits, you might feel better by crossing just ONE thing off your to-do list.  While looking at the dozens of things you want to get done for your business today can feel overwhelming, promising yourself you will do just ONE thing can seem more manageable.  Often when you are able to complete at least one small task, you will feel more productive, more in control and excited about building your business once again.

Chime in with your own thoughts in the comments.  How do you get through the Virtual Assistance business ‘blahs’ and get pumped up about your biz?

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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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