What if you HATE blogging?

Virtual Assistant Blogging

Let’s be clear:  You don’t HAVE TO do anything.  But when it comes to writing a blog for your Virtual Assistance biz?  You probably should.

Quite often during my private coaching sessions for Virtual Assistants, I am asked:

“Do I have to write a blog???  Even if I reeeaaalllly hate blogging?”

I gotta be honest with you, there are many ways in which having a blog can help Virtual Assistants ramp up their businesses:

  • It can help boost your status as an ‘expert’ by showing others what a smarty-pants you are
  • It showcases your writing, editing, grammar and proofing skills
  • Regular blog posts help boost SEO so your website gets seen more often
  • After some time, your blog archive will contain a multitude of great articles written by you that you can then turn into a book or info product to SELL
  • A blog helps keep your ‘tribe’ of potential customers interested…it helps potential clients ‘get to know you’
  • Your blog articles can be shared around on Social Media pretty easily – and help you attract NEW followers and clients

But if you REEEALLLLLLY  hate writing…if, in fact, your writing actually SUCKS…what then?  Is a blog still worth it?

I say YES.  But you don’t have to ”write’ much (or anything) if you don’t want to.

A blog doesn’t have to be ‘an article’.  It doesn’t have to be any particular length.  It also doesn’t have to be about ‘business-y’ or professional things.  Try fooling around with a few other ways to add a cool blog to your website.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consider writing just one short paragraph…even one or two sentences instead of lengthy articles
  • Post a ‘video blog’ or a podcast instead – no writing required!
  • Try using a picture with a short caption instead of writing anything
  • Give a quick tip that your ideal client would be interested in hearing about
  • Write about something FUN that interests YOU.  (I’m not kidding…I have blogged about soccer games, snowboarding, a broken toe, vacations, my kids, my messy house…you get the picture) Consider these types of blog posts the ones that build the know, like and trust.
  • Interview someone.  Ask a handful of interesting questions and have THEM write their answers for you
  • Get other people to ‘guest-post’ on your blog

I would love to hear ideas from those who LOVE or HATE blogging on how you keep it going…where you get ideas…what you blog about…etc.  Feel free to add your two-cents in the comments.



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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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