What Were You Thinking?

What Were You Thinking?Last week I watched my daughter’s soccer practice.  Coach Mike had the kids separate into two lines and then compete in running races against each other across the soccer field.   As I watched from my comfy sideline lawn chair it became apparent that my daughter was going to be going up to race against one of the bigger boys.

Inside my head, I grinned and thought to myself,  “You go baby girl…you show that big boy how it’s done and win that race!”  My daughter is Speedy Gonzalez.  I couldn’t wait to see the look on that boy’s face when she shot past him to win.

But then it happened.  My daughter glanced over and realized she was going up against a bigger boy – and I saw the look of horror wash over her face.  And when the whistle blew, that bigger boy shot off like a bullet and my daughter did some sort of a lagging skip-like jog, lulling along slowly behind him.  And I wanted to whisper into her ear that MINDSET IS EVERYTHING.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right” – Henry Ford

In those immortal words from Henry Ford there is infinite wisdom.  My daughter could have beaten that boy if she had believed she could beat him. But she didn’t.  She didn’t even try to beat him.  She took one look at that boy and decided in her own mind that she didn’t have a chance.  She thought “I can’t win”  and guess what?  She didn’t.

What “I can’t” have you been telling yourself in business?  What limiting belief has been holding you back from taking a giant leap towards success?  If you think you aren’t smart enough, don’t have enough time, don’t have enough money, need more experience or whatever it is that you think – you’re right.  Perhaps it’s time to invest in some mindset work!  Whether you hire a life coach, read some self-help books or practice daily ‘brags’  – it’s super important to get  your thinking straightened ’round to a place of “I can”. Don’t do a lazy skip while the big boys breeze past you to success.  Once you know “You Can”- you will.



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