Cheese, Cheerleaders and Chugging (Green Smoothies)

We all do better when people are watching.  It’s true.  In your business,  a coach or mastermind group is priceless in keeping you accountable.  And in life, we always work out harder at the gym when we know  that cute boy is watching us.

Allow me to be a little bit self-indulgent this week and share a personal story (and why I need your help keeping me accountable!)

I am an addict.  A cheese addict.  No wait, a carb addict.  I eat truckloads of spinach and broccoli but most of my veggies come with a side order of cheese sauce.  Or croutons.  Or Pasta.   Really, any carb.  And the best food on the planet is a carb combined with cheese (ie: pizza).  So while I do eat multiple servings of fruit and veg every day – I have also been eating multiple servings of (insert cabohydate here) along with it!  Now I have the extra chin(s) to prove it.

I decided it’s time for carb-rehab.  Yep – I’m doing a 6-week stint of clean eating.  Low carbs.  No cheese.  There are lots of reasons for this:

  • During a routine blood test my results came back as hyperglycemic (pre-diabetic – WHAT?), with a high platelet count (HUH?).  Yikes!  My doc gave me 6 weeks to get my numbers down to normal with diet…failing that, I’m going on meds 🙁  Uh-uh, noway I’m pill-popping my way out of this one!
  • My grandma died from heart complications at age 46.  My Dad had a heart attack on his 46th birthday.  I’m now in my early 40’s.   How’s that for grim statistics?  High blood sugar could put me next in line.
  • I really want skinny jeans.
  • I whole-heartedly believe that running a business requires optimum health.  As you know you need high-energy, good stress management and quality sleep to perform at the top of your game.
  • I need a cheerleading section.  More importantly I need people watching me (you!)  to keep me accountable.  To ensure that I don’t stray too far back into the land of flour and cheddar indulgence.  We all do better if there are people watching… (Which is also a great reason to get a coach or join a mastermind for your business too!)

I’ll be finished the 6 weeks on July 2nd when I’ll reveal my before-and-after shots and all my other fun numbers like pounds lost and the oh-so-exciting blood sugar readings.   I’ll also highlight the ups and downs on the blog so you can follow along, share your tips, give me a good kick in the pants when I need it or join me for your own 6-week clean eating challenge!

And next week, I promise I’ll be back with even more brainy business tips!  Wish me luck…



Lisa McDonellPS – I took a selfie sitting here at my desk on day 1.   This is a raw photo, unplugged, unprepared and pretty much un-glamourous.  I wanted to have a ‘before’ close-up of my face to see if there will be any noticeable difference in number of chins, cheek roundness and overall ‘glow’.





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