Week 4 – Healthy Eating Challenge

OH…how I am dreading writing about this week.  I gained 1 pound.  There, I said it…and it’s true.

Week four has been a whirlwind of bad choices.  A dessert party + My hubby’s birthday started the downward spiral.  My busy work schedule and crazy-running-around-weekend full of fast food finished it off.  But those are really just excuses.

I am the only one to blame for what goes in my mouth.

So in desperate search of  a ‘silver lining’ I did realize something interesting:  My main reason for over-eating is to cope with stress.  That’s kind of fascinating to me.  Y’see…I can easily stick to a sliver a cake at hubby’s party – no problem!  But when the party’s over and I’m still buzzing from the house cleaning, the food prepping, the getting dressed, the calm and collected hosting, smiling and nodding…THAT is when a second piece of cake (much more than a sliver) beckons.  And the quarter of cake leftover?  Geesh- I should probably just eat that so I don’t have to try and resist it tomorrow.

Seriously  – the mind does talk you into some crazy stuff.

So – putting week 4 under the rug and moving on to week 5 (which is cake-free as far as the eye can see)  Let’s do this!



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