Vision Boards: Totally Rock? Or are they a Crock?

Lisa McDonell's Vision Board

Vision Boards – Do they Rock or is it a Crock?

Ta-dah!  I’m sharing the Vision Board I made a year and half ago. Those who know me well will probably wonder if my blog has been hijacked by crazy people because as a general rule, I’m not very into ‘Woo-woo’.  I like science and facts and reality.  BUT I’m also willing to try new challenges – even if it seems a bit wack-a-doo at first.  And so, on the expert advice of a business coach, I went ahead and created my very first ‘Vision Board

Of course I had no idea what I was doing.  I found pics around the internet:  A green & white kitchen, a leather couch and some cool boots. (Quite shallow choices, I know!)  I wanted more business success, to do some speaking gigs and to find some ‘zen’ in my work/life balance.  I wanted my kids to be happy and to go back to school to train in something that would help my business.

My coach told me to put this vision where I would see it every day.  And to believe in its power (which I did not…at first).  In fact, I harbored thoughts that told me this was a LOT of hooey.  That this was a lot to ask for. Too much.  And that a Vision Board would hold no power in helping me to achieve them.

I put it in my walk-in-closet/master bathroom.  Mostly because I wanted to look at it every day – but also because I didn’t want anybody else to see what my secret desires, wants and dreams amounted to.  I looked at that board every single day.  I studied it.  I wondered if any of it were possible.

After a few months I was surprised to find myself achieving some of the items.  A chance to speak to a group of VA’s popped into my inbox (co-incidence?)  My business started to grow – rapidly!  (huh?) Soon we were shopping around for that new leather couch. (Yay!)  As I began to manifest the first few items…I started to hope (believe?) that maybe I could have ALL of them.  My attitude towards my Vision board was starting to change.  I was becoming a believer.  I was becoming determined to see if I could do them ALL.

Boxing Week sales helped me score those boots I had wanted for a year.  And after 11 years of ‘talking about it’ we finally started to renovate the kitchen from ‘honey oak’ to ‘white’ (something my hubby fought me on tooth and nail…but I won).  Last month we started to make plans for that Disney Vacation.  And I now believe 100% that it is going to happen.

A couple of weeks ago my husband beckoned me to look at my Vision Board.  “It’s time to make a new one” he said, “You’ve achieved almost everything that was on it“.  I was shocked.  I looked it over and was literally shocked to realize he was right.   He spoke again:  “You even got to see Oprah“.  He pointed to the picture in the bottom right.

Actually” I replied smiling, “That’s the one thing that hasn’t happened yet.  You see, it wasn’t seeing Oprah that I wanted…it was really just that incredible red dress she was wearing“.

Do you believe in the power of vision boards for your life or your business? Did yours totally rock – or was it a crock? I would love for you to share your experience in the comments!





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