Virtual Assistant Success All Winter Long

Virtual Assistant Success All Winter Long

Even with the lovely warm winter we’ve been blessed with in Canada this year, today I’m getting a taste of typical January weather:  A deep freeze outside with raw cold winds that hurt my face, a large dump of snow in the forecast and only shades of gray outside my window. It can feel a little bleak. A little tedious. It can make a girl want to curl up on the couch with hot coffee and binge watch ‘Making a Murderer‘ on Netflix. In fact, winter might spark feelings of the ‘Winter Blues’ in many Virtual Assistants or even the more serious form of seasonal depression knows as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder‘.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to pull yourself out of a winter funk and ensure your business thrives through those exceptionally dull, dark days:

  • Be inspired by possibility.  January is often a ‘new beginning’ in your business.  The start of a new year.  First Quarter.  This is the perfect time to set new goals, re-align your vision and implement new plans and systems.  Take time to do some business visioning exercises or read an inspiring business book. Let yourself get pumped up with possibility!
  • Pay attention to what goes in your mouth.  Although we may be drawn to comforting carbs this season, a healthy, balanced diet does wonders to help you tackle the winter blahs.  Include lots of warming foods (like soup and stew) as well as warming spices (think cinnamon) to fuel you up for business success.
  • Take pleasure in working from home.  Ummmm….HELLO!  Virtual Assistants are the luckiest people on earth during a snow day.  No commute to the office on icy, dicey roads.  The ability to work on the couch wrapped in blankets.  Hot tea breaks whenever YOU decide.  And fuzzy bunny slippers are perfectly acceptable attire.  Take a moment to sit back and smile smugly to yourself.
  • Get some daylight + exercise.  Science points to a lack of daylight as the main culprit for causing winter depression.  The best remedy is to make sure you get outside for a little exercise.  (You can also take Vitamin D supplements or consider using a light therapy box at your desk).  Consider making plans to ‘play’ outside – whether you ski, skate, toboggan, snowshoe or even take short brisk walks – outdoor exercise and natural light can significantly improve the way you feel.   A Virtual Assistant who makes her own schedule has many opportunities throughout the day to get outside for a quick break.
  • Use your calendar.  Research shows that keeping busy (which is easy for a busy V.A.!) can be an effective treatment for the winter blues.  Doctors advise us to get up early, keep your mind occupied with engaging tasks and be sure to schedule some ‘fun’ into your calendar as well.  Research shows that having events to look forward to and participating in activities you enjoy can boost mood and help you feel more energized.

Do you have tips and tricks you use to stay motivated to grow and build your Virtual Assistance Business throughout the winter months?  Share in the comments!






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