Business Strategy Session

Strategy SessionsEach session will be one-on-one (just you ‘n me!) by telephone or Skype for up to 60 minutes.  Before we get on the call, I will ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire (via email) so I can determine exactly where you’re at and customize the session to boost your success.  During the call, I’ll answer all your questions around having your own profitable Online Business and walk you through the next Action Steps you should take to launch or grow YOUR venture. You’ll walk away with confidence, ready to start implementing your ideas that very day!

Here’s some ideas you might ask about during the call:

  • What equipment you MUST have before getting started (and I won’t waste your time by saying ‘comfortable chair’)
  • Options for structuring your business
  • What training (if any) might be required
  • How to find -and more importantly how to ATTRACT high-paying clients
  • How to determine your rates – and you might be surprised
  • What systems and forms you need from the start (and which are a waste of your time)
  • How to market your business using the internet & Social Media
  • Whether or not you need a ‘niche’ market and how to determine one that’s right for you
  • PLUS – You get to ‘pick my brain’ and ask me any and all questions you might have about the online business industry (I’m really nice and not at all scary  – no question too silly!!!)
  • DOUBLE BONUS – after the call you will get 30 DAYS OF EMAIL SUPPORT during which time you can email me ANY questions you have for another full 30 days!!!  

Sound good?

Are you ready to jump-start your journey to a rewarding new career?   It’s time to  Book your Strategy Session with me and  receive a one-on-one consultation for up to 60 minutes.  It’s time to invest in yourself and save time, money and effort getting the answers you need to implement TODAY!

Investment for the Business Strategy Session:


Yikes – that’s too much….


For up to 60 minute session.

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