This picture is SO corny…

Lisa McDonell - CornyI’ve never claimed to be ‘cool’.   A brainy gal?  Yes.  A cool gal?  I’d say ‘major geek’ is probably more accurate.  So when I excitedly told my daughter I was going to use this picture on my website with the slogan “This picture is SO Corny”  she responded with an eye-roll and a grimace.   Then informed me: “Mom….that joke is EPIC-LY lame”.

So the truth is out…I’m lame.  And it’s epic. 

But what’s totally NOT lame is my EPIC-LY GENIUS photographer – Claire.  You can find her working her magic over at Claire Ross Photography.

Having worked with women all over the world I ‘get’ that most people won’t be able to fork out plane tickets to Canada to work with her…but I beg of my Ottawa peeps to check her out before going anywhere else. Claire is brilliant with her camera (and willing to climb ladders, lay on the ground, sneak into farm fields and brave a cold rainy day to get her shots!)

You can see more from our session around my website as I am slowly but surely finding time to go through the pics and get ’em up on the site!  And definitely visit Claire’s page by CLICKING HERE for an eyeful of her beautiful work.





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