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I am breathlessly excited today as I write this blog post because I’m about to LEAP way the heck outta my comfy zone and launch an idea that’s been spinning in my head for over two years….ready?

Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Life.

I’m changing the course of my business to offer up all my passions…the entire Virtual Assistant Lifestyle –  wrapped up neatly with a pretty bow and lots of love from me to you.

If you’re wondering what-the-heck I’m talking about, read on!  I am only too happy to explain…

I adore business.  I’m mad for marketing. I get an extra little thrill teaching other women how to start, run and grow their own Virtual Assistant businesses because I totally ‘get’ how FREEING it is to make money, on your own terms, working from home.  I love giving that gift to other women by showing them exactly how to create a successful Virtual Assistance practice so they too can be around for their families and have a really, really amazing life. 

Here’s something not many people know about me…While I drool over Business, Marketing and Technology I also get giddy about Holistic Health.  

So just for kicks, throughout the time I have been growing my business and loving it…I have also been in school. Yup, I’ve been studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NY) and last week I (insert big drum roll here) I finished my very last exam!  I am now (BA-BAM): a certified Health Coach.

And so it’s time for my two loves to get married…

You see, I know from experience that you can’t have a successful business, without a good life to support you.  And likewise, your life will be sucky if your business is tanking too.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that:  When you are a Virtual Assistant your BUSINESS is completely intertwined with your LIFE.  You can’t separate the two.

Tweet: When you are a Virtual Assistant your business is completely intertwined with your life!
Tweet: When you are a Virtual Assistant your business is completely intertwined with your life!

  • I can’t do a fabulous job on my client-work when my head is in a potato-chip brain fog and my waistband is cutting off vital circulation
  • What I wear to the grocery store (be it track pants or fully duded-up with hair and make-up) has a direct effect on how people see me…and my business!
  • Sometimes I play with my kids from 9-5 and work on the business late into the night in a way that no cubicle-dweller could ever imagine
  • When my desk and my car and my closet are a hot mess…chances are my business is in chaos that week too
  • I fold laundry during my accountability calls and have written blog posts with a baby on my lap
  • I get my best business ideas in the shower, taxiing the kids around or lying on a beach during vacation
  • When I’m not kind to myself and feeding myself real food…I don’t have the energy to rock my business

My life and my business are all one.

Yours too.  What affects your biz, affects your life.  And the way you live your life affects your business.

So – I’m excited to offer YOU the Virtual Assistant Lifestyle…where I will (continue to) share with you my best business boosting insights and now my happy, holistic healthy life tips for busy V.A.’s too – YAY!!!!     If you already get my newsletter , WONDERFUL!!  You don’t need to do a thing, I will continue to do what I always do and give you the best business advice and resources I can for Virtual Assistants, but now with an even better bonus:  Health and Lifestyle tips for Virtual Assistants woven in!

And if you haven’t got yourself on my email list…that’s a shame… but seriously, what are you waiting for?  Scroll on down to the bottom of this page and get your name and email on the list!

Want a successful Virtual Assistant business and lovely lifestyle to match?  I’ll show you how.





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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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