The Self-Care Conundrum

It’s the buzz-word of the year…”Self-Care“.  The Guru’s are pushing it as the latest and greatest key to health and happiness so you know you better get on board and add some to YOUR life.

But how?

Forget about massages, meditation and mandalas – this girl is lucky to get 5 minutes to herself in a hot shower…(BONUS if I get time to shave my legs).   I have struggled with how it is possible that some women seem to have this ‘self-care’ thing firmly established into their lives while I am growing leg hair long enough to braid.

The truth is, if we DON”T find time for self-care, we will eventually stress-out, crap-out and burn-out, which is exactly why I decided to figure out a way to squeeze it into my hectic schedule.  So for the past few months, I have been making Self-Care a priority. Believe me what I say that I’m not perfect – there are still plenty of days fueled by coffee and cortisol (the stress hormone).  But there are a few things I’ve learned to help keep Self-Care an integral part of my life:

Mash it into your brain that self-care is important

For some reason we gals tend to grow up thinking that self-care practices are indulgent and frivolous.  It takes a HUGE mindset shift to keep reminding ourselves that we REQUIRE down-time.  Our bodies need care and attention.  And that we’ll be better Moms/Wives/Business Owners/People tomorrow, if we take the time for some self-care today.

It’s OK to suck

So you skipped your workout 5 days in a row and called to cancel that pedicure because little Jimmy was home barfing last week.  So what?  Re-schedule it back in.  Sooner or later self-care practices will become a ‘normal’ part of your routine.

Get Real!

This was a biggie for me.  You don’t necessarily have to train for a marathon, practice an hour of meditation a day or spend every weekend at the Spa to care for yourself.  Every little thing you do can be a big step towards your mental, physical, and spiritual health and happiness!  That can mean 2 minutes deep breathing right at your desk, 5 minutes jotting down a gratitude list before bed, downloading a 3-Minute Meditation app or paying your kid $2 bucks for a 5 minute foot rub.  Self-Care doesn’t have to be hard-core and time consuming (although sometimes a 40 minute hot bath is KILLER).  Every moment you focus on YOU – counts.


Ok, that might sound contradictory.  Most of us already spend our days doing 18 things at once.  Why would you want to add MORE multi-tasking chaos to the mix?  I agree that sometimes we need total down time with beast-mode switched to ‘off’ to recharge our batteries.  But, occasionally, multi-tasking is a perfect way to fit in some ‘me time’.  Doctor Oz recommends finding a quiet space for a couple of minutes – even if it’s on the toilet – to practice deep breathing or mediation.  Calming your mind and emptying your bladder at the same time?  YUP – I’ve done it.  I also chill out with a mind-numbing TV show while giving myself a refreshing Mani – AND –  I listen to webinars on my headphones while doing my morning walk/run. Sometimes mutli-tasking can be the best way to fit self-care into your cray-cray busy day.
Do you make time for self-care practices in your lovely life?  Be kind, share YOUR tips for when and how you do it in the comments.

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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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