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Oscar Worthy Tips From Leading Virtual Assistants

In honor of last night’s Academy Awards celebration, I’ve gathered together an ‘Academy‘ of Virtual Assistants who I consider to be the cream of the crop.  I’ve asked these “Oscar-Worthy” ladies to give their ‘Best Supporting Advice” for new and aspiring Virtual Assistants.  So without further adieu, let’s allow these experts to strut-their-stuff on the red carpet and share their […]

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Not Another Valentine’s Post

Tomorrow is cupid’s big moment:  Valentine’s Day!  Have you been receiving a flurry of emails surrounding the Valentine’s Day theme this week?  Prepping heart-centered newsletters for your clients full of love and romance?   It’s no wonder:  Marketers and Bloggers alike are famous for using holidays to launch creative campaigns.  Did you remember to mark […]

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Why did that Mistake Happen?

Just a reminder today to always wait for the silver lining.  Sometimes bad stuff happens – especially when you are in business.  There are screw-ups, clients who don’t pay, power outages and stresses that  leave us with that throbbing ache in the back of the neck.  Some days I wish I had become a fish-gut […]

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