Summer’s here! Want some new clients?

Happy first week of summer!  Time to slip on some flip flops, switch out your morning coffee for an Iced Cappuccino and make a layer of sunscreen part of your ‘Virtual Assistant Uniform’.

Summer is all fun and games – but for some Virtual Assistants – it’s also a SLOW time for business.  It’s quite common for me to hear Virtual Assistants complain that some of their clients are taking time off, not planning any big launches, courses, programs or events…and not using VA services quite as much.

No worries!  You can use the summer-slowdown to GET NEW CLIENTS!  Here’s how:

  1. Take some training.  If you’ve got a few hours free to learn a new skill – FANTASTIC.  More skills = more services = more clients.  Sign up for a course and become a bigger expert in something you enjoy! (Psssst: I’ve got a FREE class for VA‘s next week!  CLICK HERE if you’re interested in the details!)
  2. Pre-schedule a bunch of social media posts for yourself.  Take the time, while you have the time to put your own social media posts on auto-pilot!  When things get busy in September you’ll be sure you’re staying in touch with your tribe of loyal followers.
  3. Tweak and Polish.  When was the last time you updated the look of your website?  Or looked at your Twitter bio?  Have you tried any of the new features on Linkedin yet?  Thank goodness you have some extra time this summer to upgrade the little things and polish up your business brand and profiles 🙂
  4. Create something.  You’re always running out of time to write blog posts.  You’ve been meaning to create a new ‘freebie’ for your business.  It’s been years since you’ve been planning to write that book, create that info-product, or design that marketing campaign.  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  Best part?  You can take that laptop outside…pour yourself a cold drink…and love your life while you’re doing it.
  5. Re-juvenate.  That’s right.  Skip a day.  Take the kids to the splash pad.  Read that book (business book or some totally brainless chick lit).  Lie by the pool ALL. DAY. LONG.  This may sound like a complete and utter waste of time…but I honestly find my work improves and my idea bank fills when I take some time off for myself. Do it!
  6.  Facebook Groups.  They are a HOTBED of clients right now.  Don’t believe me? Use the summer slowdown to join some Facebook Groups (preferably the ones your ideal clients hang out in) and chat!  Offer suggestions and ideas – meet prospects – have some fun.  A little extra time means you can really tap into facebook groups and find yourself some new clients before the summer’s over!

Got suggestions for getting through the summer slump?  Share ’em in the comments!

PS:  Want something FREE? I’ve teamed up with the folks at TRAVO to offer you guys some FREE training next week: Travel Planning for Virtual Assistants.  It’s free to attend…free to grab the Travo software…and there’s even a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card if you take the training live! CLICK HERE for all the deets.




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