Do You Spend All Day on Facebook?

Many months ago when facebook was still new and novel, my hubby found some way to check the number of times I had logged into my facebook account.  Get ready for it…17,000.   (By now I’m sure it’s at least triple that number!)  But you know how it goes, you have to check your facebook every couple of hours or so, right?  The point is, we all probably spend a looooot of time on facebook.  Not to mention Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

But are you gaining anything from all that time you spend on Social Media?  Other than knowing what your ex-boyfriend from high school ate for breakfast, are you working social Media to the best of your ability?  Here are a few of my Top tips for getting more prospects through Social Media:

1.  Your profile is everything.  Make sure you have well-written bios and professional looking photos on all of your social media sites.  People will often decide within about 9 seconds whether they want to ‘connect’ with you or not based on that itty bitty picture and the handful of words you’ve used to describe yourself.

2.  Post good quality content.  Every tweet counts!  Always keep in mind that new prospects who are ‘checking you out’ will only stop to read your lost few tweets or status updates.  Whatever you have posted that particular day is probably what they are going to form their opinions around.  You also need great information to keep current subscribers and followers from leaving.  Don’t be afraid to share intelligent tips, witty  updates (everyone loves a laugh!) and important news.

3.  Engage with others.  One of the biggest mistakes people are making with social media is not engaging in conversations with others.  Too many people are blasting out random updates that link back to something they are trying to sell.  The better way to find new prospects is to start conversations with people.  Become a person they feel they know, like and trust and they will be more likely to call on you when their need for a VA arises.

4.  Spend time on it.  Being consistent is key.  You don’t want to set up a facebook page and never post anything on it. Or have a twitter account that you never ever use. Be sure to schedule time every day to ‘work’ your social media sites.

5.  Don’t spend too much time on it.  On another note, make sure you aren’t spending your entire day ‘playing’ on facebook.  You can pre-schedule some of your updates to go out at various times using a tool like Hootsuite.  Then spend just a few minutes per day adding in some personal updates now and then.

Have fun with social media and definitely use it to build your business.  If you have any great Social media tips you’d like to share please leave them in the comments below so we can all benefit.  Have a good week!

About the Author

Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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