The Single Biggest Factor for Success

Happy National Poultry Day!

The Single Biggest Factor for Success

Yup…it’s a real holiday.   And what better way to spend Poultry Day than chatting about , well… chicken?

In particular, take a minute today to ask yourself if you’re being one.  Are you acting like a chicken in your business?

Here’s a (chicken) nugget of wisdom:  The single biggest factor that sets apart super-successful Virtual Assistants from those struggling to find a single client is:  ACTION 

It’s not easy to hop out of your comfy nest and wag those tail-feathers in business every day.  Believe me when I tell you I’m probably one of the biggest chickens there is (like Foghorn, Leghorn size).  But I use some simple tips to help me stop chickening-out and start taking consistent action to build my biz:

  • Cure the fear instantly by doing.   Remember when you were a kid standing at the edge of the diving  board?  Remember how utterly terrifying it was to stare down into the water before you jumped?  But once you gathered up the courage and did it…it quickly became a piece of cake.  Same goes for your biz!  Standing around THINKING about taking action can be quite terrifying!  Cure the fear instantly by DOING instead of THINKING.
  • Recognize that your ideas don’t mean anything until they are implemented.   A chicken can lie around in lemon juice and garlic all day long but unless you eventually ‘cook it’ it will remain a worthless blob.  Similarly you might have a brilliant idea ‘marinating’ in your brain, but you must take it out and put it into action to make it really sizzle.  Ideas are necessary…but they aren’t action steps.  You need both ideas AND action to get your business crack-a-lackin’.
  • Be super-diligent about distractions.  Far too often I work with Virtual Assistants who are spending months and months trying to come up with a logo or think of a perfect name.  Some spend hours a day on Social Media or weeks writing one blog post…and they never get results.  These are really ‘comfy distractions’ that make you feel like you’re working on your business…when in reality you are avoiding the BIG action steps that make you uncomfortable but generate real success.  Ask yourself daily if you are taking real action steps or hiding behind distractions.
  • Finallyand this is my favorite of all stop waiting around for perfection.  Keep in mind that nothing is ever perfect and while you should strive for things to be very good…you are never going to get anything done if you are waiting for ‘perfect’.   Taking action is really the ‘secret recipe‘ for success.

So why did the chicken cross the road?  Perhaps we’ll never know…but at least he was taking some action steps in the right direction.




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