Setting Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business

Hey Y’all!  Happy New Year!

I’m hoping that you finished 2012 with a bang and enjoyed mountains of mashed potatoes, drenched in turkey gravy for days on end.

Set Goals!Now it’s time to hit it hard for 2013 and start laying down some goals so you can take your business beyond anything you thought possible this year.  Make sure you take the time to actually map out your goals on paper and then USE your map to steer your business into success.  If you jot down a few goals on paper and then file that paper away never to be seen again, it’s a bit like purchasing that workout video and then leaving it on your dusty shelf.  It’s not gonna work.  And if you think you can keep your goals filed in your head and don’t need to commit them to paper – think again.  Here are some reasons why goal-setting is super important for your business!

1.  You become crystal clear on where your business is going and how you will get there.  Imagine taking a road trip without a map.  You might know in your head where you want to go…but without a map or a written set of directions, you actually have no idea how you will get there.   By writing down your goals AND how you plan to achieve them you are, essentially, creating your own road map.  You might stray from the path now and then to check out the sites…but you will always know how to get back on the highway and eventually get to your destination.

2. Your goals can keep you motivated.  When you have ‘ideas’ for your business in your head, it is all too easy to get distracted by ‘bright, shiny object syndrome’ and flit from one idea to the next without accomplishing anything.  If you have a measurable goal, on paper, it will encourage you to keep plugging away at it until you have it completed.

3.  Completing goals is good for you!  That’s right, what better way to feel self-satisfaction, pride and confidence then by meeting (or exceeding) one of your business goals?  Plus you can have champagne.  Or cake.  Or both.

4. Decisions are a cinch, when you know the ultimate goal.  Every day decisions about your business need to be made.  Should I write a blog post?  Should I spend time on facebook?  Should I take this course that’s on sale?  Should I accept this new client?  If you have very clear goals mapped out for your business, then these decisions can be made quickly.  If it will support your end goal – do it.  If it does not support your business goals – skip it. Easy-peasy.

If you need help setting goals for your business this year, consider a Virtual Assistant Strategy Session (with moi).  We can use the time to map out your year and set you up for success!  Here’s to a very good year.



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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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