Lisa McDonell The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant


When I started out as a Virtual Assistant I had no idea what websites to learn from…what tools would help me work with clients or which resources would help me market my business. I would gladly have paid money to have a successful Virtual Assistant hand me a list of 'what to use'.   So - VOILA -  let me share that with you right here, right now, and...oh yeah...for FREE.  Here are the tools, products, apps and services I've used to make my own Virtual Assistant and Coaching Business a success since 2011.

I'm also throwing in some of my 'faves'.  Books, podcasts and products that make life as a work-at-home Virtual Assistant fun and easy.  I will update this page often so check back now and then for the 'latest and greatest'.


Note: This is a very small list of Resources and Cool Tools for new Online Entrepreneurs - all of which I have used in my own business or clients businesses. Some of my recommendations are affiliate links, meaning that if you decide to purchase using my link I may receive compensation for referring you. But no worries, that fee is never added on top of the price to you. Also note that I have tried very hard to include as many free (or extremely inexpensive) resources as possible. Check back every-so-often as this list will be updated regularly.

Over the last 5 years I've tried, tested, used or learned dozens of online applications. For further suggestions or specific solutions for your own business please book a business coaching session with me to discuss further. CLICK HERE for more info.