Are you playing hide and seek with your clients?

Are you ‘hiding’ from potential clients who are trying to ‘seek’ you out? 

It absolutely kills me, I mean it KILLS me when I come across a website with NO contact information.   

You are probably scratching your head in awe and thinking:  “Duh…who would forget to put their contact info on their site?”.     I know, right?  But I promise you, I have seen it happen more than once.

Cringe!  There’s nothing on the planet more frustrating than  heading to someone’s website to get their number and having to hunt around in confusion trying to figure out how to get in touch with them.  Your contact info not only HAS to be on your website…it HAS to be super-easy to find.

There are lots of ways, beyond your website contact page, that you can make it easy-peasy  for potential clients to find you:

  • Make sure your contact info is up front and center on all of your social media sites.  If someone went to your Facebook page right now, could they easily see how to get to your website? Could your Twitter followers easily reach you without having to dig around too much?
  • Include your contact info in your client welcome packet. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.  But your clients should be filing away your welcome packet and have all the ways they can contact you in one handy spot.  Don’t forget to add in your social media links too.
  • Let clients know how to find you in every newsletter/ezine you send out.  It’s a good idea to have a contact info box at the bottom or sidebar of your newsletters and there are super-cute social media icons out there that you can use to link people over to your social sites as well.  In fact:  every piece of marketing material and every communication you send out – should have all your details.
  • Double check that you have your contact details included in your email signature.  Every email you send – personal or business – should have a link to your website!  You never know who might be in the market for a new VA…
  • Make it a point to update your contact info immediately if it ever should change.  Clients who find your email address no longer exists or your phone number is out of service aren’t going to bother looking for the new one.
  • Finally: if you include the line “Follow me on Twitter” or “Like my Facebook Page” make sure you include a link for people to get there.  I have seen this happen too many times!  There’s no point asking me to follow you if you’re not going to let me know how.

Today – I encourage you to do make sure you aren’t sending your clients on a wild goose chase – and use every opportunity to make it simple for clients to get in touch with you 🙂

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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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