Pinterest: Undeniable Fun

Everyone seems to be blogging about the newest ‘Social Media Sensation’ these days: Pinterest.  Did you know it is the fastest growing social network – with over 10 million users?  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet – it’s time to hustle your cakes and get on board!

The ability to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website, showcase your products and services visually, improve your SEO rankings, and connect with potential customers are all quite impressive.  I could spend hours ranting about all the fantastic features Pinterest offers to business owners (including VA’s!).

But I’m not going to.

The reason you should join Pinterest is because it’s just undeniably fun.

A friend of mine described it so perfectly:  “You know all those magazine clippings of great ideas, recipes, decorating ideas, quotes, jokes  and DIY projects that you rip out and usually lose?…Pinterest is like a filing system for those”.   There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than taking the laptop outside, bringing a large Vanilla Biscotti Coffee, and browsing Pinterest for an hour.

Do I think you should use Pinterest for business?  Absolutely.

But don’t forget to use Pinterest for fun!

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