Not Another Valentine’s Post

Not Another Valentine's PostTomorrow is cupid’s big moment:  Valentine’s Day!  Have you been receiving a flurry of emails surrounding the Valentine’s Day theme this week?  Prepping heart-centered newsletters for your clients full of love and romance?   It’s no wonder:  Marketers and Bloggers alike are famous for using holidays to launch creative campaigns.  Did you remember to mark all of the holidays on your blog calendar (or your client’s blog calendar)?

What’s that?

You don’t HAVE a blog calendar?  Well here’s the quick and easy low-down on how to get one started (and you can do this for your clients too):

1.  Get yourself a calendar.  Big enough to write stuff on.  Paper or Online.  (I like paper for this)

2.  Decide when and how often you will blog.  Will it be once per week?  Monthly? Bi-Weekly?  Daily?

3.  Brainstorm the BIG categories you want to talk about.  Some bloggers will like to organize these by month.  For example:  January you will focus on Social Media Tips.  February you might blog about Websites.  March will be all about Newsletters, etc.  You get the picture. Go a little crazy when brainstorming ideas!  You don’t have to use any of the ones you don’t like – but having lots and lots of ideas is best 🙂

4.  Once you have your categories, it’s time to “Drill down”  into more specific topics.  For example if January’s category is “Social Media” think of topics that fall under that category:  Facebook, Twitter, How to Get Followers, etc.  Try to think of as many different ‘topics’ that you can!  Stretch your brain muscles to get to the really juicy stuff.   Now it’s time to start adding the topics into your calendar.  If you don’t want to blog about Social Media all month long – No problem!  Spread them out throughout the year instead.

5.  Don’t forget to mark the ‘holidays’ into your blog calendar.  You might want to have a “Spooktacular” sale on Halloween.  Also consider the ‘vibe’ of each month. September is famous for “Back to School” and January for being so c-c-c-cold.   Just remember to be creative and play with it.  This is the part about setting up  a blog calendar that lights me up.  It’s FUN to do this.

6.  Consider times throughout the year when you plan to have a promotion or launch.  You’ll want to highlight those events so leave a little space in your calendar to work some marketing magic during those times.

7.  Finally – if you have blank weeks or need to fill your calendar with more material, consider “guest bloggers”.  Ask other bloggers in your industry if they would be interested in submitting an article (or articles) to your blog.

No date for Valentine’s Day?  (Or just find restaurants to be way too crazy crowded on Feb. 14th).  Pour yourself a large glass of red wine, open up a box of heart shaped chocolates and write out that blog calendar!

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