No Tricks – Just Treats!

In honor of this most frightfully delicious holiday – I’ve decided to give you my recipe for a Happy Halloween.  (And it’s not just candy, candy, candy.)  No, in fact I’m going to give you 3 items for your Virtual Assistant Halloween ‘To-Do’ list:

  •  First – a handy tip from a good friend and amazing writer:  Stop using the word “Spook-tacular” in your marketing efforts.  Halloween is a super-fun time of year to put a little scare-factor into your marketing content.  Have fun with it, offer holiday contests or promotions and use nifty words like “Boo-tiful”, “Bone-Chilling” and even “Zombify”.  But on the advice of my writer friend, please quit it with the over-used Halloween buzzword “Spook-tacular”.
  •   Second – If you are giving out candy this year, might I suggest you avoid these two worst offenders:  Apples and Dubble Bubble gum.  Now I am just as much (or probably even more) of a health nut as the next guy, but trust me when I say that if you put apples in a kids’ trick-or-treat bag they will only end up as landfill tomorrow morning.  Every parent knows apples could be laced with poison or implanted with razor blades…those stories have been around for at least 40 years.  And every kid knows a bruised up apple floating around at the bottom of your bag is NOT candy.  It’s the first thing that gets tossed in the trash.  Same goes for that cheap, rock-hard pink Dubble Bubble gum.  The flavor lasts for all of 5 seconds and I’m pretty sure it was invented as a form of child abuse. Do NOT give that out as your candy of choice.  Be nice.  Buy chocolate bars.
  •   Finally – take time to vote on my annual pumpkin carving contest!  Last year my hubby won the best pumpkin award and has been rubbing it in and talking smack for the last 365 days.  This is serious business in our house with the kids picking teams and whispering secret pumpkin plans for weeks in advance.  My husband has even been known to get power tools involved. (No, I’m not joking).  So I would love for you to stop by the facebook page and cast your vote for best pumpkin this year.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got this one in the bag!

Have a happy Halloween, y’all.







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