Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook is one heck of an incredible tool to market your business.  With over 845 million users there is BIG potential to engage with others and promote your personal ‘awesomeness’.   With all of the recent changes, Facebook makes it easy for you to showcase your biz all in one place.  If done correctly – Facebook is a powerhouse business tool for Virtual Assistants.  Check out my top Do’s and Don’ts for marketing your biz on Facebook:

  •  DO – Complete a really thorough company profile, by setting up a business page (fan page).  Make sure it is 100% complete with all of your contact info so potential clients can easily find you!
  •  DO – Feed or post your blog articles to Facebook, along with appropriate photos, samples of work, videos, opt-in form or anything else that represents your company and brand
  •  DO – Use Privacy settings.  Take the time to read and understand who will be able to see your posts, updates, photos etc.  Make sure everything you are posting (both on your personal profile and your business page) is a good representation of you and your company.  (ie – avoid a multitude of drunken photos showing too much skin…)
  • DON’T – Post too many times per day.  You will have to use your personal judgement here but there is nothing more annoying than ‘liking’ someone’s business page, only to find out you are receiving salesy updates from them 25 times a day.  You will quickly be ‘unliked’.
  • DON’T – ignore people who are commenting on your page.  If someone takes the time to engage with you by offering a comment, take the time to write back.  Keep in mind the goal of social media is to actually ‘be social’.
  • DON’T – think that you don’t really need Facebook for your business.   I’ve heard this too many times in the last couple of months from other Virtual Assistants and small business owners alike, and it always makes me cringe.  People who say: “I’m not really into all that facebook stuff”  are missing out on a HUGE marketing tool.  A FREE marketing tool.  A tool that over 845 million other people are using.  Set up a Facebook profile and business page and have fun ‘socializing’!





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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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