Meet My New Business Coach!

Meet my NEW Business Coach…she’s 3.  That’s right, the brainy gal is getting schooled in business from none other than a 3 year old (who also happens to be my gorgeous baby and mini brainy gal)  In any case – over the last few years, particularly since she has started speaking, she’s taught me a thing or two about business.  Today I’m going to share the highlights:

1. Decide on a Goal and Go after it.  Make no mistake she wants what she wants and she wants it now.  If it’s a lollipop she’s after she won’t even take a trip to Disney in exchange.  She wants that hardened sugar on a stick and nothing’s gonna get it out of her head until she gets it.  Similarly, an entrepreneur I highly admire told me today: “You have it in you to live the life of your dreams, to take 3 awesome vacations every year…just do it”.  I can’t help but feel it’s almost the same mentality.  Just decide what you want…and go get it.

2.  Persistence is Key.  A 3 year old,  without an MBA,  figured this one out before she was even potty-trained!  When you want something from Mommy you ask for it.   If Mommy says “NO”, well, you ask again!  If she still says no, you just have to ask again.  Maybe switch up your tactics a bit (ie – slightly whinier voice sometimes works).  Persist asking until finally she says “Yes”.  See how it applies to business?  ‘No’ only means ‘no’ for a moment.  ‘No’ only means ‘work harder until you get your “yes”. ‘

3.  Know Your Customer.  She is brilliant at this.  She knows that Mommy is most likely to give in when she throws overblown tantrums in public places.  Daddy is most likely to say ‘yes’ when she flashes those cute eyelashes and gives him sweet hugs…and if all else fails she can get just about anything she wants from Gramma.  So do your homework Brainy Gals, figure out your customers wants, needs, style, likes and pain points – then step in with your solution.

4.  Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote.  It’s amazing how quickly a 3 year old can build and work an audience.  I think she got this one under her belt by about 9 months old, when she discovered she could engage Mommy simply by clapping her hands and laughing.  When Mommy laughed and clapped right back, she knew she was on to something and repeated the behaviour.  It was only a matter of minutes before she had Daddy, her sisters and Gramma-on-the-phone all focussed on the laugh-and-clap routine!  The lesson?  Notice what behaviour engages people and attracts them to your business.  Then repeat it.  Easy Peasy.

5.  Sometimes you have to ask for Help.  An obvious lesson for a 3 year old but one we often forget in business.  Have you grown so much that it’s time to hire?  Or are you just starting out and need a business coach to guide you?  Know when it’s time to ask for help and eventually it will lead to greater success.

6.  I’ve saved this little gem for last because it’s my favourite.  Give something away and it will come back to you double.  Repeat that 3 times.  Give something away and it will come back to you double.  How did she figure this one out?  Hallowe’en.   At first,  my little genius didn’t really ‘get’ the whole ring-the-doorbell-get-candy experience.  So at the 3rd house we went to she reached into her plastic pumpkin, pulled out a 2 inch Mars Bar and handed it to the homeowner saying “Happy Halloween”.  Of course, Mrs. Homeowner was so tickled, she took the Mars Bar and dumped EXTRA candy into my 3 year old’s bag.  Oddly enough I watched this happen again and again and again.  At every house my 3 year tried to GIVE AWAY just one candy and the neighbours were so endeared they dumped extra loot into her bag each and every time!  It works kind of the same in business.   Give away a freebie, provide helpful tips and links on Twitter, share your knowledge and information on a blog or Ezine and it will pay off.  You will gain a larger following, have more customers and more credibility.

I intend to keep a sharp watch on my 3 year old business coach.  At this stage of the game I can’t even begin to imagine what a 15 year old can teach me about business…but I intend to find out!   Check my blog in 2023…until then , wishing you every success and happiness.

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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.