Instagram for your V.A. Biz

One of today’s hottest Social Media sites, Instagram is growing at the speed of light, with over 200 Million Active Users and 60 million photos shared daily.  I’m guessing you might want to figure out how you can harness Instagram and use it to market your own Virtual Assistance business – and your clients’ businesses too!

But a lot of Virtual Assistants have a tough time figuring out exactly HOW to do that.  When it comes to business, Instagram is not just about sending a bunch of selfies into cyberspace and posting shots of your breakfast coffee with a little heart drawn in the foam every day.  Here are 5 tips on how to use instagram to get recognition for your business and score some new clients in the process…

1.  Share photos that get people to ‘Know, Like and Trust’ you.  Yes, this is where the selfies come in!  Clients like to get to know the person they are going to hire to be their Virtual Assistant.  Take care to post photos that encompass who you are as a person.  Your likes, your charitable work, a vacation shot and those fuzzy bunny slippers you like to work in all make up a part of your brand.  Think carefully about your ‘brand image’ and how you want to portray yourself.

2.  Consider what your target market is interested in.  Let’s say, for example, you want to work exclusively with Rock Stars.  Take time and care to craft beautiful photos they would be interested in.  That gorgeous hand-crafted guitar.  An incredible stage-dive caught on your iphone.  Make sure to add appopriate  #hashtags to your photos to help your target market find you. #rockstar

3.  Give people a sneak peek into your office.  How often have you opened a website or magazine to see an ‘exclusive look inside Channing Tatum’s private retreat‘.  Let’s face it, people love to be a voyeur into other’s private lives.  Likewise, your clients would love to see where and how you work.  Snap photos of your office, your book shelf, the supplies and equipment you use to run your business…or some behind-the-scenes looks at an event.

4. Make your photos cute, funny or visually stunning.  Images that receive the most engagement and likes on Instagram usually encompass one or more of those characteristics.  Think babies and puppies (cute).  That unfortunate salmon-flavored ice cream you saw at the grocery store (funny…and yes it actually does exist).  Or take time and care to capture that sunset so beautiful that it brings a tear to your eye. (stunning).

5. Give your potential clients a reason to follow you.  What incentives would your target market want to see?  Think about giving special offers, coupons or discounts.  Announce new services, products or programs your followers would be interested in, or run Instagram contests with cool prizes.

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About the Author

Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.