I didn’t shower for FOUR days…

Why I didn't have a shower for four days...Thankfully one of the perks of working from home is that no one needs to look at your un-showered hair when it’s ‘one-of-those-days’.

But what I really want to chat about today is setting BOUNDARIES for your Virtual Assistance business.  Why?  Because once I didn’t shower… for four days.

I wish that was a joke.  

Truth is, there was a time I got so busy, and let my hours get so out of control, that I didn’t have time to shower for four (yep – FOUR) days.  Thankfully it was only my kids who had to suffer being around me those days – but I’m going to strongly suggest you organize your Virtual Assistance biz from the start to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.  And you can do that easy-peasy by setting clear, concise boundaries around when and how you will work.

It can be easy, especially in the beginning when we only have one client, to want to impress them.  We will work late hours into the evening to finish projects! We will work Friday afternoon even though we really want to take Fridays off.  Heck – I’ve even jumped in to finish something up on a Saturday!

Sure – running your business like that might be OK-ish when you have just one or two clients…but as you get busier and busier you might just find yourself working EVERY evening.  Working EVERY Friday and scrambling EVERY weekend to catch-up without charging anything extra.  You will feel on the verge of a burn-out.  You might, in fact, not even have enough time to shower for FOUR days in a row!

Here’s the fix:  Know what your boundaries are right from the start – communicate them clearly to your clients – and stick to ’em.

Will you work evenings and weekends?  Will you charge extra?  How much notice will you require for a new task/project?  What are your regular working hours?  Will you take Fridays off?  What holidays will you take? What are your policies around ‘rush’ jobs?  How quickly will you respond to emails and/or phone calls? 

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself  BEFORE you even start working with a client.  Decide up front what your business boundaries will be and make sure you communicate those clearly to your client, both verbally and in your client welcome package.  Remind them often so there are NO surprises.  Clients will respect you a lot more if you run your business like a tight ship with a strict schedule than if you bend over backwards to meet their demands.

And you will be able to shower.  Every day if you want to.  😀




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