Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 3

Dessert Party Anyone?

Dessert Party Anyone?

It’s half-time over here at the Brainy Gal’s Healthy Eating Challenge.  We’re about to get the results and see if all that veggie chomping paid off this week!  But first, a couple of thoughts:

1.  I tried my first all vegetable smoothie yesterday.  I whipped up some spinach, kale, tomatoe, yellow pepper, cucumber and onion…and I thought if I threw in a little Worcestershire sauce and some celery salt it was going to taste a lot like a Caesar.  Note to self:  it tastes NOTHING like a Caesar.  While the flavor itself was quite pleasant, the texture (mostly thick and creamy) was a tad gaggy.  But I saved the day by warming it up in a saucepan and throwing in a handful of beans!  TA-DA…it made a delicious soup!

2.  I am extremely nervous today as I have to attend a ‘dessert party’ tonight.   Oh-em-gee…I cannot think of anything more self-sabotaging than that.  I have been going back and forth between “I’ll eat a big dinner and won’t touch anything at the party” and the flip side “I’ll just have an apple for dinner so I can indulge a little in something sinful”.  I still haven’t made a firm decision on this but it is certainly causing me some concern.

And now…for this week’s results:  I have lost ONE pound this week for a grand total of FIVE POUNDS DOWN!

Yay me!  I’ll be back next week with (hopefully) more good news.  Until then: enjoy those plant foods and wish me luck getting through tonight’s mine field (dessert party).

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