Healthy Eating Challenge – Week 2

pea on forkI now have week two of the Healthy Eating Challenge under my belt and I am down another  half pound.  That gives me a Grand total of: FOUR POUNDS LOST SO FAR.

SUCCESS!  But I’m not gonna lie  – the ‘liquid lawn’ green smoothies may have lost a bit of their glamour.  It was a tough week for me for a couple of reasons:

1.  I got sick!  The for real  lie-in-bed-all-day kind of sick with a terrible cold and a high fever.  At first, I thought this would help with the healthy eating challenge but it ended up being a hindrance.   The problem with lying in bed all day is you get ZERO exercise and don’t burn anything off!  Then I had insane carb cravings where all I wanted to eat for those few days were soda crackers and toast with butter.  It was kind of a bummer…but I did my best.  And frozen fruit smoothies do go well with fevers…if someone makes it for you.

2.  Restaurant Salads suck.  Seriously!  We had to eat in restaurants twice this week which seems to throw a calorie-bomb explosion at me each and every time!  I ordered a ‘mushroom and onion soup’ with a side salad.  Seemed innocent enough (and I would have way rather gulped down the Pata Alfredo!)  But I stuck with the veggie soup/salad.  Bad idea.  That soup had to have been pure cream with a dollop of butter and a dash of lard.  It also came sprinkled liberally with cheese & half a pound of croutons.  Did I mention there was also half a loaf of garlic bread on the side!?!  And don’t even get me started on that salad.  I could barely find the lettuce under all that cheese, nuts, raisins, craisins and croutons…and surely the dressing was concocted from pure corn syrup.  And I ate every last bite.  Of everything.  I’m quite certain a cheese-burger with a side of poutine would have had less calories. *sigh*

But overall – I stuck to my plan of clean eating, no processed foods and lots of organic smoothies!  I’ve also become quite enamored with iced tea which I brew myself and then chill in the fridge for my afternoon break.

On to week 3!


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