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I literally just turned my backyard, decorative container into this incredible salad.

No, I’m not a magician.  This Spring my darling daughters convinced their Mama to ditch the geraniums I usually plant in pots on our back deck and go for a Living Lettuce Salad Bowl instead. It’s just what you think – a pot of mixed lettuces. Mine has Bib, Endive, Radicchio, and Arugula.

I have to tell you – it’s magical.

Healthy, Fresh, Purty and inexpensive.  You NEED one.  (And, no, I’m not getting paid by anyone to say that).

The Living Lettuce bowl continues, all summer, to grow gorgeous, fluffy,  leafy greens (with some lovely burgundy radicchio mixed in) but the dang thing also sprouts lovely white flowers from the Arugula plant.  So it looks glowy and beautiful on my deck.

The bonus is –  it’s super-healthy and economical!  Think about it:  When greens are picked they immediately begin to die.  These babies aren’t travelling hundreds of miles by truck to your grocery store.  They are literally picked and popped into your mouth within minutes!  And my pot cost me only $10 already made.

Greens will give you healthy fiber to aid in weight loss, alkalize your beautiful bod and combat cholesterol to keep your heart tickety-ticking strong.  I tend to work on client work first thing in the morning and need a BIG leafy salad at lunch to keep my energy up for Marketing tasks in the afternoon.

Living Lettuce will grow in a pot on your deck, porch or balcony all summer long – you just trim off the larger leaves for your salad and let the smaller ones to continue to grow.  If you want to make your own just purchase some mixed lettuce seedlings at your local garden center and a large pot.  Fill with potting soil and voila – you are DONE! They are sun-worshipers so give ’em full sun and they also need loads of water to keep those succulent leaves growing.  BONUS:  My kiddos looovvvve being sent outside to pick lettuce for Mommy!

Enjoy the health kicks of a Living Lettuce Salad Bowl wherever you live and keep yourself – and your biz – strong this summer!








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