Hangin’ Around the Holiday Punchbowl

Punchbowl Party Planning

Ah the Punchbowl.  That staple of 1970s baby showers.  That gi-normous glass orb overflowing with fizzy yumminess and fruit floating on top!  Just the thing for the holidays!

OK Lisa, get your head out of the nostalgia!   Today Punchbowl.com is one of my new fave websites and the perfect place to get those last minute holiday greeting cards for your Virtual Assistant clients.  Or you can use the site to pull together an impromptu New Years Eve party!  I’ve yet to try their ‘party planning’ resources – but I am LOVING the greeting cards.  The best part?  The cards are mostly free…yet so super-cute!  They resemble beautifully crafted cards from a high-end stationary boutique and you can even customize them yourself!  I love opening one of these babies.  The way the envelopes unfold and the card slips out…(you have to give it a try yourself…it’s groovy).  Better yet, you have the option to choose  your own stamp design, or cutomize the postage to match your business branding.  Fun!

Did you forget to send your clients a little token of appreciation for the holidays?  It’s not too late!  Head on over to punchbowl.com and get them a lovely custom holiday card. After all, it only make sense that Virtual Assistants send Virtual cards!


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