Will Gmail Tabs Affect Virtual Assistants?

gmailOver the last couple of weeks I’ve received a flurry of emails regarding the new “Gmail Tabs” system of sorting emails.

Most of the messages I got came from panicked Marketer’s and freaked out clients and were marked “Urgent” or “Immediate Action Required!“.  Which in turn made me feel a little bit sick to my stomach – and forced me to dive into researching this whole ‘tabbed inbox’ thing to try and make sense of it all.

Will Gmail’s Inbox Tabs mean the end of email marketing as we know it? 

I don’t think so.  (Insert sigh of relief here).

Let’s break it down and talk about what gmail tabs are – and what you can suggest to your clients who are nervous about them:

For anyone using Gmail (for example, moi) there will no longer be just one inbox where all incoming notes land.  Instead, Gmail is automatically sorting your mail under 3 different tabs:

  • PRIMARY – Where most of your person to person mail will land
  • SOCIAL – Where updates from your social networks will land
  • PROMOTIONS – Where Deals, Offers, Newsletters and other marketing materials will land

The big fear seems to stem from the idea that people sending out ezines, newsletters and other marketing materials will have their stuff land in the ‘promotions’ box…and it will never get read.  In my opinion – that fear is totally unfounded.  Here’s why:

-I am actually really liking the new tabbed system for myself.  In the past I would sometimes delete marketing emails in frustration when too many started flooding into my inbox.  Now I let them rest happily under the promotions tab and go in to read them when I am relaxed and have time to do so.

-People who sign up to receive something from you will still visit their promotions tab to get it!  If a person really enjoys your content and truly wants to read what you are sending…they will.

-The Tabs are marked with indicators that let you know when something new has arrived under that tab.  For example:  If 3 new emails have arrived under your promotions tab…a tiny number 3 will pop up to let you know.  Curiosity tends to get the better of you and you will click on that tab to read ’em when you’re ready.

Still concerned?  There’s an easy fix.

If you or your clients are still skittish there is an easy way to change which tabs your emails land under:

All you have to do is drag and drop it from one tab to another.

For example – if this email arrived under your Promotions Tab – you can easily drag and drop it under your Primary Tab instead.

Google will then prompt you with the question: “Always put messages from this sender under Primary?”  You can then click “Yes” and it shall be done.  Easy peasy, right?

Encourage Your Clients to Track Sales

The only way you can truly measure what impact the new Gmail Tabbed Inbox will have is to track sales over time.  Encourage all of your clients (and do this for your own business too!) to track opens, clicks and sales from their emails.  If numbers start to take a downward trend over the long haul – then it’s time to get concerned and look into alternatives.  But for now – hold tight.  Gmail tabs might actually be a GOOD thing!

Want to read more?  Click Here to get the scoop on Tabbed Inboxes from the Google Guru’s themselves!

Are you using gmail for yourself?  Let me know what you think of the new sorting system in the comments.




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