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Finding photos for your blog (or your clients’ blog posts if that’s one of your tasks!) is – to say the least – tricky.

Hopefully you already know it’s a major ‘No-No’ to simply download and use random images you Googled.  Get caught and you could be sued for some serious moola – no warnings, no wrist slap…just a fancy letter from someone’s lawyer telling you how much money you owe them (and it could be LOTS).

Stock photo sites are the bomb – I use one for myself and all of my clients use them too…but the price tag can be a little high for the solo-preneur, particularly if you are planning to use loads of images for your bloggie and Social Media on a daily basis…

So what’s a Brainy Gal to do?

I’ll tell you EXACTLY what I do:  Find the best sources of FREE images and share them with my lurvely readers 🙂  So here they are friends, my FAVE places to score freebie pics for the blog and social media:

1.  Morguefile  Search for any image you want to in their database of high-res digital stock photography.  If you can get past the slightly gruesome name, you’ll find hundreds of images you can use to spice up your marketing that don’t require you to attribute the source when you use them.

2.  Unsplash   Sign up to get 10 spankin’ new, drool-worthy, photos every 10 days.  Straight from the company website, they are “Free (to do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos“.  YUM!

3.  Use Your Camera.  Seriously – this is your absolute BEST source of photos.  Capture the exact right subject and know hands-down that you own and can do whatever you want with that photo.  And this is really where the f-u-n comes in because you can edit the crap out of your images to make them super-cool. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get high-quality images and, better yet, you can overlay text to create uber magnificent, eye-catching marketing materials too!  Download and play with some photo apps (Psssst…look for an upcoming post on my personal favorite photo-apps to help you) and you can easily change a boring selfie phone photo from this…

Lisa McDonell - The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant Life Before     Into This….      Lisa McDonell - The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant Life AFTER photo editing         Literally in minutes.  Oh my goodness, YES!  An extreme makeover from dowdy Mom to cool retro bombshell all done with a free (Yes, FUH-REE) photo app!  Most apps also let you upload easily to photo sites like Instagram (my newest favorite social media app).  You can check out my instagram site by clicking here:  Follow @thebrainygal on Instagram.

Got a cool source you run to when in need of some low-cost or no-cost images for your business?  Please share ’em in the comments!


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