Get a Sexy European Dude to Wake You Up

Yeah.  You read that right.  A sexy sounding dude with a French accent woke me up this morning…and he can wake you tomorrow too.

This week I downloaded ‘The Morning Man Alarm Clock‘ app for iphone which promises to gently wake you each morning to the sound of ” sweet, sexy, and romantic voices of different men from around the globe”

Prepare to be woken by a drowsy American who says “You look lovely” or the dreamy Italian voice who says – ummm – something in Italian (and you won’t even care what it is!).

Truthfully, I found this quirky little app bordering between highly comical and slightly creepy.  The chipper little Scotsman begging me to “open your eyes” sounded more silly to me than sexy. And for some reason the Australian dude’s slow statements bring to mind a serial killer in a bad B-Movie.  But all in all this is a hilarious and fun little app that brings a welcome change from your typical morning alarm buzzer.

Have you tried it out?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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