An Evening with Oprah Winfrey

An Evening with Oprah Winfrey in Ottawa

An Evening with Oprah Winfrey in Ottawa

If I’m willing to admit my age…I have been watching the Oprah show since I was 15 years old.  I would come home from school (she was always on at 4pm), turn on the TV and see what Oprah was up to.

So it was a HUGE thrill for me when my husband surprised me with tickets to see her LIVE.  If you believe at all in anything woo-woo or spiritual or whatever – there was some serious buzz of energy crackling in the air that night.  You could literally FEEL it.  And when Lady O herself came onstage in dazzling, sparkling purple – I think the entire stadium stopped breathing for a moment.  We were Oprah-fied.

Throughout the night she made us laugh.  She made us cry.  (I do believe I even saw a tear stroll down my husband’s cheek…but he will NEVER admit to that) She shared her most personal stories (who knew even Oprah hates to pee in public?  Her tactic to pee quietly is to flush hard and pee fast).

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from her oh-so-inspiring talk.  The things we can use to sharpen our business skills and improve our lives.  The things that she would probably call,

The Ah-ha moments:

1.  Don’t let the noise of the world tell you what your life’s purpose should be.  Forget about what you think you SHOULD be doing.  What your family thinks you SHOULD do.  What society teaches us we SHOULD do.  What you think you SHOULD do to make money. Find your own true calling.  Thinking about what you loved doing as a child can help.

2.  Remember you are BUILDING a business.   It’s a climb.  Don’t get overwhelmed trying to achieve the end-result  – just make the next right decision.  And then the next right decision.  And then the next right decision.

3.  Learn how to tap into ‘The Power’.  You will never BE the power…but you come from the power, you have access to the power, you should honor the power by fullfilling your life’s purpose.  By doing the thing you were called to do.

4.  Not everyone can be famous – but everyone can be great.   The only difference is people know your name.

5.  Gratitude is the number one tool for living your best life.  Keep a gratitude journal.  If you can’t think of  a single thing to be grateful for that day then be grateful that you are still here breathing.

6.  We all have an emotional GPS system.  When we are on the wrong path, our GPS system ‘whispers’ to us.  If we ignore the whispers, we are given a lesson.  If we ignore the lesson we are hit with a brick.  If we ignore the brick we are given a crisis.  And if we ignore the crisis, we are given a tsunami.  So pay attention to the whispers.

7.  Do it.  Do the Best you can.  Then breathe and let it go.

8.  Doing your very best in this moment will put you in the best place for the next moment.  Even if nothing is happening for you right now – you are always preparing yourself for the next opportunity.

9.  Find the thing that lights you up and then use that thing to serve others.  This is the best way to validate your life.

10.  You are what you believe you are.    

And the last highlight of the evening?  When Oprah sat down, kicked off her pricey purple Manolo stiletto heels and complained her feet were aching.  Then in true Oprah fashion she asked the audience if anyone wore a size 10.5?   Yup – she gave away her shoes.   The one time in life I wish I was a size 10.5  instead of a 6.  Ya gotta love Oprah.

*photo credit: Scott Parker, Ottawa Citizen





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