Do you Think my Life is a Disaster?

I find it funny when other Virtual Assistants and online professionals approach me to ask:

How do you do it?  How do you balance work, kids, husband and life?”  The absolute truth?  I don’t!  And I truly believe that nobody does.  Don’t let all those perfect lives you see on Facebook fool you (we all, myself included, post only the ‘good’ stuff).

The secret to ‘balance’  is to learn to be grateful for the chaos and drama in your life as it is, right now. To accept it.  Look at those mountains of un-folded laundry as a sign that your business is really taking off.  Be grateful for the fact that you can spend the day with your child  on their class field trip and finish your work at 10pm instead.  Embrace how lucky you are to have kids and a business that lets you be home for them.

Would you like a peek into my perfect life?

Do you Think my Life is a Disaster?I have 3 kids (the oldest of which will not be happy I posted this pic) , a husband and my own business that I run full time.  On top of that I’m in school – studying Health Coaching in the evenings.  Sometimes the laundry mountain gets so big that the kids run out of clean socks (and I usually just buy them new ones!)  I’d like to lose weight, the floor needs vacuuming and this morning I found that my kids have been making “Potions” in their bedrooms.  (We won’t even go there).

Do you Think my Life is a Disaster?This is my kitchen.  Yes…we have been renovating on weekends for 9 weeks now.  Yes – the dishwasher broke in the middle of our renovation leaving me to hand wash/dry dishes twice a day for 5 people.

Do you Think my Life is a Disaster?This is my newest addition.  A playful puppy who’s not 100% trained (although I can’t complain…his accidents are few and far between).  He likes to chew stuff.  The good news is I have to buy a LOT of new shoes.

You see, my life is not perfect.  And I’m guessing that neither is yours.  But I’m not waiting for that magical day when the kitchen is done, school is over, the puppy is trained and business is making millions.  I am enjoying the chaos right now, as it is – and looking forward to the future as well.




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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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