Do Virtual Assistants Need Business Coaches?


That’s my answer –  plain and simple.  Are you wondering why?  Because it will make your business better.

I know an awful lot of V.A.s will be doubtful.   Perhaps the thought of hiring a coach is too pricey for you.    Perhaps you feel it’s too early in the game for you to need a coach.  Or maybe you already have a wildly successful V.A. biz and don’t need anyone else’s help,  thank-you-very-much!

Well – I’m stickin’ to my guns on this one…you still need a coach.

If you really think about it, a good coach is essential if you want to be be good at…well…ANYTHING.

Almost every human being on the planet has the ability to dance  – but only those who hire a dance coach can become professionals, stand out above the rest of us and earn money for doing it.  Some people are naturally good at baseball – but do you think anyone could make it to the major leagues without a baseball coach?   People use coaches to become more successful at weight loss, exercising, sports, music, public speaking, parenting – you name it, there’s a coach for it.  A business coach works much the same way, to help you take your Virtual Assistant practice from zero to hero faster and better than you ever could do it by yourself.   Are you still in doubt?   Consider these reasons to hire a V.A. coach:

1.  A coach will force you to develop goals and commit to them.  Your coach will help you unleash all those ideas swimming in your head and get them down on paper so you have a clear vision and a plan to move forward.

2.  You will become accountable to finish what you start.  Once you and your coach have determined your goals, he/she will hold you accountable to working on them and be (gently) kicking your butt if you don’t complete ’em!

3.  A coach will motivate you to take action.  You can procrastinate on a project FOREVER if no one is watching or if no one is counting on you.   But you will be compelled to finish things on time if your coach is expecting you to.

4.  A coach will tell you the truth – even if it hurts.  Let’s face it, your best friend and your Mom will always tell you how wonderful your website looks, even if it’s really, really crappy.  Your coach will tell you outright if it sucks…and then teach you how to improve it.

5.  A coach will keep you focused.  I think we all suffer a little bit from ‘shiny object syndrome‘  ie:  getting distracted by the latest business ideas and fads and spinning our wheels in a million different directions?  Your coach will help steer you back.

6.  A coach will save you years of time.  Think you can learn everything you need to know by listening to free webinars and scanning for free info on the internet?  Maybe.  Quite possibly.  Probably.  But how long will it take you?  How will you weed out the nuggets of brilliance from the garbage?  A coach will pass on their years of experience to you within a matter of weeks.

7.  A coach acts almost like a ‘partner’ in your business.  It can be lonely being a Virtual Assistant.   Your coach can help you brainstorm new ideas, pass on their knowledge, be a sounding board and hold your hand when you have to make scary decisions.  Your hubby is tired of hearing you talk about your biz.  Your coach ‘gets’ where you’re at because they’ve been there.

If you still think you can create a successful Virtual Assistance business all by yourself – then I admire your gumption – go for it!  But be prepared for a long, tough and lonely road.

My advice?  Find yourself a great coach, work your tushie off, and then giggle with joy as you watch your business soar to new heights you never could have imagined!





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Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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