Cozy Up Your Home Office for Winter

Oh hellllzzzzz it’s COLD in Canada today.

This morning as I sat bundled in my car (which barely started) while waiting for the school bus (which also broke down in front of my house) it was a balmy -39C (-38.2F) with the wind chill.

Brrrrrrrrr.  That is “don’t-you-dare-stick-your-tongue-against-your-metal-zipper” kinda cold!

Which leads me to today’s blog post:  How to Cozy Up Your Home Office for Winter.  Let me add that I am super-duper incredibly grateful for the fact that I don’t have to commute to a job someplace in this snowy, blowy mess.  I am blessed to be able to work from my home office with as much hot coffee as I want and a slouchy toque on to keep me extra toast-y.  (And no…I will not share a picture of myself in the slouchy toque). But I WILL share my FIVE favorite tips for keeping the home office cozy this winter:

1.  2014-12-02 13.32.46Invest in an area rug or carpet.

Bare floors are often the choice under desks with rolling swivel chairs but in winter they can be dang chilly on your footsies.  A low-pile rug feels much comfier underfoot and comes along with the added bonus of helping to insulate your floors (by as much as 10%) and keep your office warmer.  My doggie (who hangs out with me here most of the day) prefers it too.

2.  Create-country-home-candle_grandeLight it up!  A candle that is.

 While there is some debate over how much a candle can actually warm the temperature of a small room…there is no doubt about the fact that a candle ‘s soft glow can give you warm and fuzzy feelings.  These days I’ve become particularly fond of the special edition Inspired Life Candles from Country Home Candle.  Each has an inspirational quote and their signature scent – “Grandma’s Kitchen” … a unique blend of aromas that will remind you of fresh baked yellow cake topped with rich, velvety vanilla frosting.

3.  2015-01-08 12.43.26Open the Blinds.

 During the day, make sure you keep your office blinds or curtains wide open…letting in a little sunlight can help warm the room and boost your mood, preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder (otherwise known as the winter blahs).  At night – you can close curtains to add a bit more insulation.  This is the actual view from my home office today 🙂  Nice, huh?  It’s a good thing ‘Gray’ is the in color right now.

4.  2015-01-08 12.42.25Keep a pair of slippers under your desk.

 These are mine!  Can I just say that this may be the best investment I’ve ever made…like…EVER?!?  For most of my life I have been a bargain bin slippers kinda girl until this year when I decided (on the advice of my sister-in-law) to fork out big bucks for some sheepskin fleece lined slippers.  O…M…G…I will never go back.  These babies are the BEST foot-warming invention ever.  Trust me…you deserve to have good slippers under your desk!

5.  Cozy Up Your Home Office for WinterLast but not least…check out the Muskoka IQ Personal Desktop Fireplace

 Yup.  It’s an electric fireplace you can place right next to your computer.  Not only does it heat upto 200 sq ft of office space…it also has a nifty pen/pencil holder.  And you know what?  I’m seriously considering investing in one today.


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