Cool Tool: ManageFlitter

Do you ever wish you could sift through your entire Twitter account and find the bots, the fake followers, the dead accounts, the people who post too much and the people who stopped following you?  It might not be that easy, if you have hundreds or even thousands of followers.  Enter one of my absolute favorite social media tools:  ManageFlitter.

This awesome little tool allows you to dump the duds in mere minutes.  It’s super simple to sign up, fast and easy to run a report and (insert drum roll here) it’s FUH-REE.  Yep – it’s totally free for the basic features, although they also offer paid versions for more robust tools which I would definitely consider for clients managing larger Twitter accounts.

So what exactly can you do with ManageFlitter?  Hook it up to your Twitter account and within seconds you can run a report that shows you:

  • who is not following you back (LOVE deleting the un-followers!)
  • no profile image (serious twitter users usually don’t use the egg head image)
  • Inactive (shows you which accounts are not being used and how long they’ve been silent)
  • Talkative (people who mess up your twitter stream with incessant posting)
  • Quiet (people who don’t say too much)

and MORE.  Once you’ve run your report you’re free to select all the peeps you no longer want to follow and with the click of a button – BAM – you can ‘un-follow’ them all at once. Up to several hundred people per day for the ‘free’ account.  How cool is that?

Want to clean up your Twitter account in a jiffy?  Give ManageFlitter a try.




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