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Guess what VA’s…it’s time for another Cool Tool!  If you’ve read my ‘Twitter Tips for Virtual Assistants’ ebook then you probably already know I’m a big fan of using Twitter to make connections with real people.  Remember that you can find potential clients on Twitter, if you can get them to ‘know you, like you and trust you’.  So it can be pretty annoying when your Twitterstream gets all clogged up with spammy posts from people who don’t engage with anyone.  You know the type – they don’t follow back or they post the same salesy links to promote themselves but never take the time to actually ‘chat’ with anyone else…ever?

Enter @sidawson who created an awesome tool to clean the junksters out of your Twitter stream:  TwitCleaner!

COOL TOOL:  TwitCleaner

CREATED BY: @sidawson – a self professed ‘twitteraholic’

WHAT IT DOES:   According to the Twit Cleaner website:  It analyses the profiles & tweets of every single person that you follow, looking for certain patterns of behaviour (people not talking, being overly repetitive, common spam tactics, posting the same links repeatedly, etc).   It’s then up to you to decide who to save & who to unfollow.

WHAT IT COSTS:  It’s a freebie!  (but be sure to say ‘thanks’ to Si with a friendly little tweet if you like the service)

MY THOUGHTS: I’m a fan of this neat little tool and I usually run a report every few months or so.  Personally I feel it’s better to follow a smaller number of quality contacts than a massive list of ‘twits’.   Remember when you run your report it is still your decision whether you want to continue to ‘follow’ or ‘unfollow’ the people who show up on the list…but it might give you some valuable insight.  So head over to Twitcleaner – hit  ‘Scan Me Now’ to run your report and have fun saying ‘bye-bye’ as you unfollow the spamsters!





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