Charging What You’re Worth

Today I’m going to share with you a story: 

Your Knowledge is Worth MoneyOnce Upon a Time, there was a home-owner whose furnace stopped working.  As the house grew colder and colder he called up a repairman to hurry over and fix the problem.

When the repairman arrived at the house, both he and the homeowner went down to the basement to look at the broken furnace.

The repairman stared at the furnace.  He walked around it a few times.  Finally, he reached down into his toolbox, took out a hammer and gave a good sharp hit to the side of the furnace.

In an instant the furnace kicked back on and started spewing nice warm air back into the house!

The repairman turned to the shocked homeowner and said:

“That’ll be $500 please”

To which the homeowner’s jaw dropped as he replied:

“Noway!…I’m not paying for that until I see an itemized list of exactly how you arrived at that $500 dollar figure”

Very calmly, the repairman took out a sheet of paper and pencil and wrote:

Hitting Furnace with Hammer…….$1.00
Knowing Where to Hit Furnace with Hammer….$499.00

The moral of the story is this:  Your knowledge is worth money.  Many Virtual Assistants get stuck in the idea that their time is worth money (it is!) but seem to forget the fact that your knowledge and your expertise is worth money too.  If a client doesn’t know how to do a particular task themselves, then they must be willing to pay for your knowledge to do it.  Be sure when you’re setting your rates that you remember how truly valuable you are…and that you charge what you’re worth accordingly.  Your knowledge and skills are just as valuable as your time.




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