5 Killer Business Cards

There are so many fabulous business cards out there today I decided to give a quick rundown of the latest trends.  Hopefully you can steal an idea or two to make your next business card the kind that people want to show all their friends and not just chuck in the garbage!  Here are my top 5 fave trends for business cards:

1.  Shaped cards.  These are pretty cool and stand out from the crowd (and could probably be done on the cheap if you own a pair of scissors and have some time to kill).  I’ve seen cards shaped like popsicles, cell phones, or water bottles.  Cards with a ‘bite’ munched out from one side.  A scented ‘tree’ shaped card with a cord to dangle from your rear view mirror.  There are also plenty of cards with ‘cut out holes’ to add interest (another inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your cards if you own a hole punch).  How can you incorporate a shape or cut-out into your own brand?

2.  QR codes.  The novelty of adding QR codes to your business card is still a hot trend.  A QR (Quick Response) code is a 2D matrix barcode that can be read by smart phones or tablets to have your website pop right up on their screen!  Cool.  Nothing can make you look more cutting edge than having a QR code on your business card.  But I caution to jump on this trend quickly because my guess is QR codes will become old news soon enough.

3.  Fun Cards.  This is my favorite trend of all and a genius marketing move.  If your card does something ‘fun’ – people will be more inclined to keep it AND share it with their friends.  For example, the brilliant designer Jovanna Mendes de Souza over at Moo Cards came up with a ‘mustache’ card.  A simple black mustache on a plain white card (with all your info on the reverse ) You can hold the card up to your face like a ‘mustache’ for a laugh.  There are incredibly cool cards out there – some that are puzzles, some that fold into new shapes and some with stickers that you have to remove to see what’s underneath.

4.  Eco-Cards. People appreciate your small efforts to save the planet.  An eco-card can be as simple as using recycled paper to print on or as outrageous as having flower seeds embedded in the card so that people can ‘plant’ your card instead of throwing it in the trash.  Does your company pride itself on it’s green efforts?  Don’t overlook your business card as a planet-friendly medium!

5.  Completely-out-there business cards.  Want to REALLY stand out?  Your cards don’t have to be rectangle squares of paper.  In today’s world there are metal business cards, edible chocolate cards, cards that play music, blow-up balloon cards, cards that double as bottle-openers, guitar picks or toys.  If you want to shine as a creative genius – consider using a show-stopping business card!

Whatever style and design you choose for your business cards remember the most important thing:  make it eye-catching and include your contact info.  No need to write a novel – your name, email, phone number and website is usually more than enough info.  Stretch your brilliant, creative brain muscles and have fun with it!


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