Become a Virtual Assistant – The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success: Book Review

Become A Virtual AssistantA few weeks ago I was given a copy of  the Virtual Assistant Forums “Become a Virtual Assistant” ebook, and asked to write a review.  I was honored and excited…but also a tad nervous.  What on earth would I write if I didn’t like the book?

Thankfully, all my fears were unfounded.  ‘Become a Virtual Assistant – The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success‘ is exactly the type of guide I would write myself  (if I were ever inclined to write a book for VA’s!)  I would go so far as to say it is a ‘must-read’ for any newbie Virtual Assistants or anyone even considering Virtual Assistance as a career.  At the risk of sounding corny, this is the book I wish I had found before I started.  It could have saved me tons of time and worry!  (I’m a bit of a perfectionist and probably spent 6 months or more digging up the same info that is presented in this book!)

As a huge added bonus, the book comes with 22 Free Worksheets and Sample contracts that you can adjust, re-brand and use in your own VA business.   To me, this is almost better than the book itself.  One of the hardest parts of starting out as a Virtual Assistant is knowing what paperwork you need to work with your clients and then figuring out how to create all those documents.  HELLO – what a huge bonus to have it all laid out for you in this incredible  book!

But wait – there’s even more…the book also provides a list and links to over 100 resources that can help you in running your business. When I started I had no clue where to look for help with VA training, time management, scheduling, graphics, file sending, websites, social media, video resources or how on earth to run my office.  I was excited to find that this list provides ALL of that and more.  I have to say this is another huge bonus that makes purchasing the book well worth it!

The price of the book in my opinion is a ‘steal’ at only $49.  If you want to be successful you MUST invest in yourself and your business.  This book would probably give you more value for your money than any other guides for VA’s that I’ve come across.

The drawback?  The book is geared towards VA’s working in the United States (which is actually a bonus if you live there!)  It gives all of the tax advice, legal advice and links to resources for whichever State you will be working out of.  Personally, as a Canadian VA, this section wouldn’t have helped me too much.  But, that said, I would still buy this book.  There are over 20 other chapters with valuable advice for Virtual Assistants everywhere.

Before I formally started my business I spent many months researching the industry and came across many books claiming to teach new Virtual Assistants how to get started in the industry.  I never knew which one to buy.  I didn’t want to waste money on guides that were going to tell me I needed a ‘comfortable chair’ and ‘quiet spot’ (duh!… We already know that…it’s common sense).  This book goes behind what we already know to give us an accurate and in-depth picture of how to run a successful Virtual Assistance business.  This is truly the book I wish I had found back then.

For anyone thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant or fairly new to the industry then ‘Become a Virtual Assistant- the Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success‘  is the no-nonsense, professional, easy-to-read blueprint you have been searching for – with the bonus contracts and resources included.  My review?  It’s a Brainy Gal’s ‘Must-Have’.

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of the ebook and resources in order to write my review, but have received no further compensation.  I have since chosen to become an affiliate for this ebook since I only promote products that I highly believe in and test myself .


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