Be a Virtual Holiday Hero

Holy Eggnog, Batman, it’s December already!?!

Be a Virtual Holiday Hero Are you looking for a  little extra holiday cash-flow?

Perhaps you put a little extra mileage on your credit card this past black Friday and would love to pay it off?

Thank goodness the holiday season is a magnificent time for Virtual Assistants to jump in and be a Virtual Holiday Hero to your existing clients.  Use these ideas to create a Holiday Promotion that will help you gain some extra hours or even score a few new clients before the year’s up:

1.  Hand-written cards are ALL the rage! Seriously, in our crazy world of digital everything and email overflow – a handwritten card that arrives in the mail will stand-out and impress.  Convince your clients to let you hand-write their holiday correspondence this year by offering a card-writing promotion and maybe even some handwritten samples on your website.

2.  Make those annoying travel arrangements.  Add a reminder to your website, your newsletter or your email signature that you are available to research and book holiday travel arrangements for people who would love to get that task off their hands.

3.  Offer to Plan the Office Party.  Pulling off a workplace party can be a daunting task.  From location, food, music, entertainment, invitations – yikes – there’s a lot to think about.  Offer your expert assistance to organize the big holiday shin-dig.  Check out the “Pro Party Planner” app on itunes for a little extra help with this one.

4.  Remind your clients you can add some fun holiday content to their marketing.  If you have a good working relationship with your clients they will be receptive to your ideas and suggestions – offer your services to add some fun holiday content to their website, social media sites or other marketing messages.

5.  Create a gift certificate for your services.  What entrepreneur wouldn’t enjoy receiving some expert help from a VA as a gift?  You can design a gift certificate for your company using something as simple as Microsoft Office or Google Drive – or – you can design hard copy printed gift certificates and order them online from a printer such as VistaPrint.  Gift certificates can be for a certain number of hours – but are probably even more effective if they are an offer of a specific service.  These can be a memorable gift your clients could purchase for their entrepreneurial buddies OR you can give them as client ‘thank-you’ gifts during the holidays yourself.

How have you stepped up to help your clients (or find new ones) during the holidays?  Jump in on the comments with your own ideas and suggestions – and let us know if you’ve ever done any tasks that made you a ‘Virtual Holiday Hero’.




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