Attracting Clients to Your VA Business

I coach new Virtual Assistants – Can you guess what the number one question I get asked most often?

You guessed it:  “How can I find and attract (more) clients?”

So here’s the answer:  Be Yourself.  Be Likable.

I can hear you groaning.  You’re thinking that’s a dull, useless answer.  But let’s dig a little deeper into what that means and you’ll see that it’s really, brilliant advice.

When you’re trying to attract clients, you have to learn to think like your clients think.  You have to put yourself in their shoes…and pretend YOU are a client trolling around the internet in search of a new Virtual Assistant.

When a client lands on your website…what makes them decide to actually CALL you?  Is it your 27 skills?  Is it your ultra-low price?  The answer is no and no.  In fact, when a client lands on your website – they are probably not going to call you at all – at least for a little while.  The first thing they will do is check your ‘About Page‘.  Find out a little more about you.  They are then going to head on over to see if you have a Facebook page set up.   They may even start following your Tweets, read your bio over on LinkedIn and maybe check out your boards on Pinterest.  They will spend all of 1 minute looking at your prices and your services…but they will spend a lot longer checking out your bios, posts and status updates…and trying to decide if you are the kind of person they want to work with.  They want to know, like and trust you.

You see what the client REALLY wants to know before they hire you is:  Am I gonna get along well with this person?

And they are only going to call you and hire you if they are beginning to feel like they do.

So be sure when posting content on your website and across your social media platforms, that you are being your best, authentic self.  Be certain your bio’s are complete and that your posts are letting the real, love-able YOU shine through.


About the Author

Hi - I'm Lisa McDonell, a Virtual Assistant who shows other women how to launch and grow their own online business, make money from home and have a fun and supportive Virtual Assistant Lifestyle.

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