26 Acts of Kindness

Writing the blog today was so hard.  I have been debating whether or not to acknowledge the events that took place earlier this week in Newtown and the 26 innocent lives lost .   Part of me feels like I don’t want to give it any more attention or remind people of it once again.  But part of me feels compelled to do something.  But what to do?

Today I discovered that there IS something we can all do… and it made me feel better, so I decided I had to share it.

The idea comes from Ann Curry:  If you do good, you’ll feel good.

She has proposed that we each try to perform one random act of kindness for each of the 26 people killed in Newtown.   I think that’s do-able.  Just 26 kind things to do over the holidays to honor those lives lost and spread positive, good, light in a dark world.  You can read more about Ann’s ideas here 

Ann took her plan to Twitter using the hashtag #20acts (which has since been changed to #26ActsOfKindness to include the heroic teachers/adults).  People all over the world are jumping on board with random acts of kindness and tweeting ideas that you can read about and share.  Imagine the whole world coming together to do good!

I have often felt that the holidays have become a little too commercial in my household – with the focus on toys and gifts.  I’m going to attempt 26 acts of kindness and encourage my kids to do the same.  Although they don’t know the details of Newtown or understand the snippets they have seen on the news – I know that having them complete 26 kind things will make their holidays more meaningful and enrich their lives in so many ways.

Will you commit to spreading some joy and light by participating?  Share your ideas or acts of kindness that you’ve completed in the comments so we can all begin to heal.





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